(spike fiddle)

The kamancheh (spike fiddle), the ancient bowed string instrument of Iran, is ancestor to most bowed instruments throughout Asia and Europe. The kamancheh has a long neck including fingerboard which kamancheh maker shapes it as a truncated inverse cone for easy bow moving in down section, pegbox in both side of which four pegs are placed. Traditionally kamanchehs had three silk strings, but modern instruments have four metal strings. Kamanchehs may have highly ornate inlays and elaborately carved ivory tuning pegs. The body has a long upper neck and a lower bowl-shaped resonating chamber made from a gourd or wood, usually covered with a membrane made from the skin of a lamb, goat or sometimes a fish, on which the bridge is set. From the bottom protrudes a spike to support the kamancheh while it is being played, hence in English, the instrument is sometimes called the spiked fiddle. It is played sitting down held like a cello though it is about the length of a viol. The end-pin can rest on the knee or thigh while the player is seated in a chair.
Ostad Ali Asghar Bahari (1905-1995), one of the great instrumentalists of Persian traditional music in the twentieth century, came from a family long dedicated to performance of the kamānča. His maternal grandfather, Mirzā ʿAli Khan, a great kamānča player of the late Qajar era. In his thirties, Bahāri started performing kamānča for Radio Tehran, playing short solos for a weekly radio broadcast and accompanying other singers and instrumentalists. His participation in the music circles of Tehran owed much to Nur-ʿAli Borumand’s support. Borumand opposed the Westernization of Persian music, and felt that the violin could not replace the kamānča in the performance of authentic Persian music. He went against the fashion of the time, and recommended Bahāri to Ruḥollāh Ḵāleqi, director of the National Conservatory of Music, who invited him to teach at the Conservatory and later at the School of Fine Arts at Tehran University.

Mazyar karbalaee

Mazyar Karbalaee is an Iranian musical instrument manufacturer who has already made Mostafa’s kamancheh. Mazyar started his work in 1990 and he has made over 200 instuments since then for many famous musician like....